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Experiencing a car accident is already an anxiety-inducing event. However, sometimes, everything gets worse when people decide to leave the scene to avoid problems, a decision that might have ugly repercussions later.

But wait, you do not need to face this situation without support! A California hit-and-run lawyer can serve as your ally, offering guidance to comprehend your legal entitlements and progress beyond the distressing incident.

Why I Need to Hire a Hit-and-Run Lawyer Near Me

Hit-and-run incidents frequently present intricate circumstances, especially if you’re being accused of leaving the scene. Identifying the responsible party can prove to be a formidable task, while insurance companies may attempt to reject your claim.

A skilled hit-and-run lawyer will:

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Investigate the accident:

Investigating the accident involves efforts to compile evidence, such as testimonies from witnesses, official police records, and any video footage that may be accessible, to construct a robust legal argument on your behalf.


Expertly maneuver the legal system:

They will provide you with assistance throughout the legal proceedings, guaranteeing that you meet all necessary timelines and have a comprehensive understanding of your rights at each stage.

California Hit and Run Laws

According to California legislation, individuals operating a vehicle are obligated to stop their car following an accident, exchange relevant details with the involved party, and provide assistance if needed. Not following these rules might have negative repercussions, and that’s why having the support of a specialized attorney is key in these circumstances.

Types of Hit and Run Offenses

Types of hit-and-run accidents vary according to the extent of the incident, resulting in different classifications of offenses.

  • Bodily harm or death: This offense is considered the most severe and can result in severe consequences, such as imprisonment and financial penalties, based on the particular circumstances.
  • Property Damage: In cases where the accident solely causes property damage, the repercussions are generally milder; however, the driver at fault remains accountable for compensating for the repair or replacement expenses.

California Hit and Run Penalties

Neglecting to adhere to California’s legal requirements when it comes to car accidents may lead to significant repercussions, such as:

  • Misdemeanor offenses may result in a maximum sentence of one year imprisonment and a fine amounting to $1,000.
  • For the offense of felony, individuals could face a maximum prison term of three years and be subjected to a fine not exceeding $10,000 in cases where the accident leads to physical harm.
  • In cases where the accident proves fatal, individuals convicted of a felony may face a maximum prison sentence of four years and be subject to a fine of up to $10,000.

What To Do After a Hit-and-Run Crash in California

Following these steps after a hit-and-run accident can help you:

  • Stop your car: Guarantee your well-being and the well-being of others involved by maneuvering to a secure area.
  • Report the accident: In the event of an accident, it is crucial to promptly contact emergency services by dialing 911 to report the incident and, if necessary, seek medical aid.
  • Collect evidence: Capture photographs of the vehicle’s damage, as well as the location of the accident and any nearby notable features. If feasible, record the license plate number, provide a description of the vehicles involved, and recall any pertinent details about the drivers.
  • Speak to eyewitnesses: Engage in conversations with individuals who witnessed the incident. Inquire about their contact details and gather their testimonies regarding the events they observed.
  • Seek medical attention: It is imperative to consult with a medical professional, even if there is no immediate sensation of pain, in order to eliminate the possibility of any underlying injuries.
  • Contact a car accident attorney: Refrain from engaging in conversation with the insurance company unless you have legal counsel. A qualified attorney can manage all correspondence and safeguard your rights.

When Should I Speak To A Hit and Run Lawyer?

It’s crucial to promptly seek guidance from a traffic ticket lawyer specializing in hit-and-run incidents following the accident. If you’ve left the scene and are unsure of how to protect yourself legally, this is where a skilled lawyer can provide invaluable assistance.

A qualified hit-and-run attorney in California can provide guidance regarding your legal alternatives, safeguard your entitlements, and start the process of constructing your defense.

What Are the Available Defenses for Hit and Run Charges?

In certain circumstances, individuals may find themselves unjustly implicated in a hit-and-run incident. If you are confronted with such allegations, it is imperative that you promptly obtain legal representation.

A skilled California attorney can investigate potential defenses, such as:

  • Lack of knowledge: You did not know about the incident and did not have any intention to leave the location.
  • Duress or coercion: Under the circumstances of duress or coercion, you were compelled to depart from the scene as a result of threats or acts of violence.
  • Mistaken identity: The police may have inaccurately identified your vehicle as the one implicated in the hit-and-run incident.
  • No damage or injury: There were no tangible consequences or injuries, and it was not imperative to flee the scene.
  • The insanity defense: You lacked mental competence during the occurrence of the accident.
  • Prevented from rendering assistance: You were hindered from halting and offering aid due to circumstances beyond your command, such as being injured or unconscious.
  • Failure to provide information was not willful: It occurred either inadvertently due to a lapse in memory or because of a lack of comprehension regarding your legal duty.

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It’s possible, but not guaranteed, and depends heavily on your specific case. Dismissals might occur due to lack of evidence, mistaken identity, procedural errors, or reaching a civil agreement with the victim. Consulting a lawyer is crucial to understanding your specific situation and potential for dismissal.

The timeframe varies depending on case complexity, evidence availability, and workload. It can range from weeks to months, potentially longer in complex cases.

There’s no one-size-fits-all defense. An attorney will explore options based on your situation, which may include lack of knowledge, duress, mistaken identity, no actual damage, or the inability to stop due to unforeseen circumstances.

The statute of limitations is generally one year from the accident date. However, this can be paused or extended in specific situations. Consulting a lawyer for specifics is highly recommended.

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